Now all I gotta do is...

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Now all I gotta do is...

...wish for a winning New York State Lottery ticket or an honest-to-Marc-Schneier weight loss pill that won't have me gnawing large chunks out of my headboard at three o'clock in the morning because one of my fondest wishes from earlier this year has (nearly) been realized.

Popping into the not-so-wayback machine of February 10:

What did we learn this season?

"(Adam) Schein (is) a New York City kid and comes across as w-a-a-a-y too ethnic for the other side of the Hudson River....

We can revisit this come September, but I suspect that Schein's role on "Inside the NFL," will be one and done."

Last evening the series returned, for its 39th season, to cable Showtime with a familiar face as host, CBS sports­caster James Brown heading up the cast of regulars, former New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, former Cincinnati Bengals/New York Jet quarterback Boomer Esiason, and current Jets wide receiver, Brandon Marshall.

Schein was still around, albeit is a significantly reduced role, but still yelling as is his normal annoying delivery.

While I have no direct knowledge of the specifics of this shift, it may be that CBS didn't want to fire him outright and have to eat his contract, so Schein was simply pushed into the background.

The opening shot of him was him sitting off by himself, looking less than pleased as the others walked onto the primary set.


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