View from the boardwalk

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

View from the boardwalk

Taking to heart the lessons of Superstorm Sandy (still not rated "hurricane"), Jeanne parked her Nurse Practitioner-mobile at Six Corners well clear of the paths of any wind-toppled trees and took to Village streets on her bicycle, shopping bag in hand.

The front yard after 'Sandy'

The storm damage at 256 East was, fortunately, min­imal, unlike what occurred after "Sandy" when for three solid days the front yard of the ole family homestead be­came the number one photo destination for all of Eastern Long Island.

This morning as we went to retrieve her vehicle, we swung by a deserted Rogers Beach to look at the ocean...

Rogers Beach from the boardwalk at 9:40 am.

...and while there were five-to-six foot waves, the scene wasn't anything alarming... wet with mild rain, but nothing to suggest that evacuations might soon be in order.

Crossing the Stevens Lane Bridge over Moniebogue Canal, the levels were just shy of flood.

Back at #256, the yards were strewn with twigs and leaves and one limb from a neighbor's tree.

Coulda been a whole lot worse.


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