AT-H's tongue turned black...

Thursday, September 01, 2016

AT-H's tongue turned black...

...when the former Southampton Town Supervisor and Democratic Congressional candidate issued this tweet on August 9th:

"No Show Zeldin continues to miss work, missed 2/3rds of Veterans Affairs Hearings"

Her campaign claimed in Newsday that same day:

"Lee Zeldin claims to work for veterans, but he skipped two out of three hearings that addressed veterans issues."

When I first read that, I was disappointed... but then I wondered how they measured predecessor Tim Bishop's attendance record, 12 years serving New York's 1st con­gressional district with one hand hanging onto Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi's apron strings and the thumb of his other hand in his mouth.

But wait! It's "silly season," #1, and, #2, it came from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, like its DNC parent, noted for neither accuracy nor truthfulness.

(Now how, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz?)

Polifact banner

Fortunately (as Hillary Clinton is to her continuing distress discovering) "the Truth will out" as the independent fact-checking website, did some serious digging and issued their ruling:

"We rate this claim from Throne-Holst and the DCCC as False."

Not "Mostly False," but "False!"

Simply put, Anna Throne-Holst lied.


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