Seen on Oak Street...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seen on Oak Street...

24 Oak Street, to be precise.

Can't beat the price.

The Dep'ty Mayor appears to be doing some Spring cleaning, and rather than haul what looks to be a dilapidated old dog house out to the North Sea "transfer station" and pay the $25.00 disposal fee, he's looking for someone to save him the gas, the fee and the hassle.

He's learning guile... and some ethics. Or per­haps just because it's re-election time and his running mates have admonished him about not pulling any more boners!

(In the not-so-old days, he would have told someone in the DPW to "get rid of that thing for me." And in those not-so-old days, they probably would have.)

One thing the Deputy Mayor and two-term Trustee hasn't gotten clear on yet, is that if one is operating a Bed & Breakfast in West­hamp­ton Beach... as he and his current wife have been for a number of years, a permit is required from the Village. (See 197-80.4.)

Perhaps it would be a good idea to apply for one of those before filing that nominating peti­tion, Jim. You know, so you can lead by good example.


1. Vel said...

Is that a possum house???

Of course! How foolish of me to have missed that!
I wonder if the Dep'ty Mayor is starting to liquidating his assets in an effort to make himself "judgement proof?" Yikes! $25 million!
– Dean

2. Tony Joe Berk said...

It's a sign of the DOG HOUSE the BOARD currently find themselves in.

3. Specialist said...

The sad thing is that there do not appear to be any contenders stepping foward to rid us of Connie and his crew. You thinkin' 'bout it, Dean?

Hey, c'mon! I got thumped by Landslide Levan last year.
How 'bout someone else getting involved for a change?

4. RJ said...

His is Mastic material.

I don't know what that means! Here you are, five (5!) years after the fact just to scribble a bunch of rude things about Jimmy Kametler... not that he isn't deserving of it, but who are you and what's your problem?

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