The guilt piles on…

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The guilt piles on…

This can safely be filed under the heading of "Just one more thing I really didn't need to know."

A member of the closed E-mail group to which I belong, in one of his routinely mad moments, sent around a link to a time-waster Website which allows one to learn the The #1 Song on any particular date in history, noting that Gene Chandler's "Duke of Earl" had been at the top of the charts on the day he'd been born.

Lemming-like, I drilled down to find my own "birth song."

It was "I'll Never Smile Again" by Tommy Dorsey!

It's not like I haven't been carrying enough guilt around my entire life!

I had a great-grandmother when I was born: Flossie Wheeler, five foot zero and stone deaf from birth. Two hours after my de­liv­ery, my grandmother Beatrice mouthed the words "Nan had a son" to her, and Flossie turned and breathed her last.

I'd like to think she smiled, but the family archives are unsettlingly silent on such details.


1. Frank Wheeler said...

Are we actually related?

2. Clamqueen said...

Oh great! Mine is Cry by Johnnie Ray and the Four Lads. WTF. I'm the happiest person out there!

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