By the great stone balls of Agamemnon,

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

By the great stone balls of Agamemnon,

...Alex Gregor, when are your going to get off your over-paid Hellenic butt and perform some basic main­tenance at the Westhampton Transfer Station?

The extent of the disrepair and neglect you've allowed the place, from the signage on the front fence, to the walkway residents use when disposing of waste into the compacting trailers, to the inner road surfaces, is not just appalling, but disrespectful to the West end of Southampton Town you've twice been elected to serve in its entirety!

Signage at the entrance to the Westhampton Transfer Station Decrepit infrastructure at the Westhampton Transfer Station

Your shocking inattention to this vital facility, Alex, allow­ing it to lapse into its present dilapidated condition, is not going to serve you well at re-election time next year.

When residents are additionally inconvenienced by a nec­es­sary chore, their memories are long in the voting booth.


1. Ray Overton said...

Dean, Town facilities on the Western end of the Town as a whole are deteriorating badly. Whether it be the transfer station, or the Town dock (Trustee owned) or the Baycrest Avenue bulkhead area (Town owned) or the Town dock across from the Yacht Squadron (ceded to the Trustees by the Town because the Town could not maintain them) or the ballfields at Hampton West or the former Legion Hall or the former Bauer property on Mill Road, its very clear that Southampton Town cannot take care of the infrastructure already in place. As a member of the Trustees, I attempted to secure at least sufficient funding to repair the Town dock at the end of Baycrest. Unfortunately, the price tag for that project is estimated at $800k (another $500k if we would want to repair the rest of the bulkhead) and did not make the capital budget for 2016. Like the one photo you posted exhibits, many of these issues are safety related and could lead to serious injury for some of our residents that use these facilities.

One area the Town has been successful with funding is the acquisition/preservation of land through CPF funds. Unfortunately, there is no component in any of these purchases for maintenance of the properties. I believe both Assemblyman Thiele and Senator LaValle have introduced legislation that would allow for more maintenance of CPF purchased properties, which might open more funds for maintenance of other critical publicly owned infrastructure. But those changes remain forthcoming.

In the mean time, revenue gets directed to other places like a new Jeep for the Supervisor.

I seem to have missed that "new Jeep" item... thanks for bringing that to OtBB's attention.

Thanks also for calling our attention to the other areas of neglect... time was 40-50 years back, the East end griped about the power that West of the Canal, the names Dode Hulse, Teddy Alpert, Tommy Lavelle, Beecher Halsey and Paul Smith prominently mentioned, as were Rudy Kammerer, Herm Bishop and Harold Skidmore in the decades before that. (Frank Crowitz made sure the West end was well-represented.)

I actually kinda miss those days.

Hell, I miss Marty Lang! He knew how to run the Town!
– Dean

2. Ray Overton said...

See Town resolution 2016-358. It had previously been tabled as the supervisor wanted one equipped with the full police package.

Really? Really?!?

3. Bruce Tria said...

In the interest of fairness, Southampton Highway Superintendent Alex Gregor does not have any jurisdiction over the transfer stations. They are run by the Waste Management Department at Town Hall.

Let's both check that, Bruce. We're talking about road surfaces (asphalt), sidewalks (concrete) and signage, and all of that has traditionally come out of the Highway Department.

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