Hampton Synagogue strikes back

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hampton Synagogue strikes back

Rabbi Marc Schneier's and my mutual friend Glenn Dor­skind sent along an E-mail authored by Hampton Syna­gogue's President of the Board addressing Sunday's New York Post piece detailing Schneier's matrimonial history and his departure from Sunset Avenue.

As a matter of fairness and balance, OtBB is hereinunder reprinting the forwarded message, unedited.

April 25, 2016

Dear Friends, I am outraged by the publication of the recent article by The New York Post attacking our Rabbi Marc Schneier, as well as our distinguished and dedicated Board of Trustees. The article uses half-truths, innuendo and ad hominem attacks and utterly ignores readily available facts. Neither I nor any member of our Board of Trustees was contacted by the Post prior to publishing the article.

Rabbi Schneier was not in any way dismissed or forced from his position at our Synagogue. He simply felt that his time as a pulpit Rabbi has come to an end, and he can now focus more on his extraordinary work with the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding and other good deeds. With a heavy heart, we released him from his role as pulpit rabbi, only after securing his promise that he would continue to be a vital part of the communal life in our beloved synagogue.

Like every one of us, he is flawed. Unlike other sanctimonious leaders who want us to believe they are spotless, Rabbi Schneier lived his life - the good and not good - before us in plain view. Rather than disappearing from public life when crisis hit, he gave us the example that we can rise above life's storms and continue to bring "beauty from ashes" and "joy from mourning." He never pretended to be perfect - he only presented himself to us as one who wanted to learn from the lessons of life and move forward. I could not be prouder of what our Hampton Synagogue community has become. I look forward to another fabulous season this year led by Rabbi Schneier, and continuing great seasons in future years, led by Rabbi Schneier's successor.

My family and I wish you a continued joyous Passover.


Carol Levin

I don't believe I've ever met President Levin, and can only evaluate her missive on its face... the only issue raised in the "Post"'s article she seems to dispute is the Rabbi didn't exit of his own volition.

Otherwise, the majority of his congregants seem to love and respect him, foibles and all.

My own issue with Marc Schneier has nothing to do with his philandering, and everything to do the deleterious effect he's had on Westhampton Beach, purely in service to his own ego.


1. Scarlett said...

So, you're saying that it's all a huge coincidence, his leaving and the disgraceful behavior that caused his expulsion from the Rabbis' group? Really?!

I'm not saying anything of the sort... that's Hampton Synagogue's official position, and individuals will have to decide for themselves if it passes the "smell test."

Last Summer, not long after the Rabbinical Council of America (proper title) disinvited Rabbi Schneier from its ranks, FailedMessiah.com reported:
"Schneier was forced out by the synagogue's board after being booted out of the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) earlier this year for sexual indiscretions that took place several years ago surrounding his divorce from his fourth wife and new marriage to his fifth."
Two months later, Schneier spokesperson Hank Sheinkopf contacted FailedMessiah.com to deny the story, around the same time that members of the congregation were privately telling people that "Schneier's leaving."

It appears that there was some scrambling going on then, and perhaps now as well. Draw your own conclusions.
– Dean

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