Dubious taste, Part II

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dubious taste, Part II

Quick, what do Elissa Shay, Esther Melamed, Toby Gotes­man, Tobi Rubinstein and Gitty Leiner have in common?

For the uninitiated, the answer to that was revealed in yes­terday's New York Post in a report entitled:

Rabbi with 5 ex-wives, and a new fling, finally gets Hamptons boot

Yup, all five are members of Marc Schneier's increasingly non-exclusive ex-wives club, and it is tabloid writer Doree Lewak's contention that the priapic Rabbi's serial philan­dering and less than discreet divorces led the directors of Hampton Synagogue to give him the ol' heave-ho!

You can't tell the players former Mrs. Schneiers without a scorecard, so it's must reading for the chronology alone.

It also casts Rabbi's Schneier's E-mail announcement of earlier this month in a much different light!

(Thanks Johnny! I owe ya one.)


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