April Trustees Work Session

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April Trustees Work Session

And work the Village Board did, as an unusually vocal... for a Work Session... group of attendees put the elected officials' feet to the fire on the issue of the proposed resolution allowing Hampton Jitney to regularly drop off and pick up their passengers at two locations (#32 and #35) on lower Mill Road.

At times it was like open mic night at the Long Island Potato, and at one point became so cacophonous that Mayor Maria Moore took, for the first time in memory, to wielding her wooden gavel like a small sledge on an ironmonger's anvil.

Well, that brought immediate quiet to the room!

The primary issue is that while Hampton Jitney is, almost by unanimous acclaim, a solid operation providing a popular alternative to the Long Island Railroad, no one wants them to drop off or pick up in their own neighborhood!

(And with reason, considering experiences with the last two locations... Montauk Highway and Old Riverhead Road... the high line motor coach service used within Westhampton Beach. )

The Mayor repeatedly asserted that the matter had been previous discussed by the Board on more than one oc­ca­sion; exactly when, however, eludes my recollection.

Faced with a wide range of views regarding potential problems with the proposed plan, articulated in an already drafted resolution, a visably impatient annoyed Trustee Brian Tymann encouraged the Board to table the matter for further consideration, and it was done.

The Village Board also got behind a plan to install several charging stations for electric cars, but the final details on where they will be located and how much to charge ($$$) have yet to be determined.

Catering Chef/restaurateur Lorraine Girard (Buoy One) made a pitch for the Glover's Lane park venue to host a "Smorgasburg" event with 35 food vendors on every Friday from the end of May through September, and based on the purported success of last Summer's food festival, serious consideration seems likely to be given the notion.

Throughout the two hour session, the subject of fees for various services was broached, with Village Attorney Steve Angel advising that which might be charged could only be to recoup admistrative costs, and that anything greater would have to be accomplished by taxation.


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