E.D. 14 Confidential

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

E.D. 14 Confidential

...being an inside report from one of the four electorial precincts where the Presidential Primaries were being held at the Westhampton Beach High School today.

It was, as Primary Days go, a rare "good day" for poll workers, as voters began queuing up several minutes before the doors were opened at 6:00 am... it was steady throughout the succeeding 15 hours without any major surges that often hit toward the end of the afternoon, or the deadly dull lengthy stretches of inactivity that just suck the energy out of everyone.

So we had activity throughout the not-so-long day as registered Democrats and Republicans showed up to demonstrate their preferences for candidates in this November's quadrennial National elections.

The only problems came when independents and blanks showed up and required explanations of how New York State's closed primary process works... many were dubious, some grudingly understanding, and others truculently obdurate.

("I'm calling the Board of Elections!" one threatened angrily as he exited in a late model huff.)

The high point of our entire 16½ hour was the late morn­ing arrival of an angel disguised as Joyce King, wife of the Pastor of Beach United Methodist Church, who arrived with an enormous platter of a still warm raspberry crum coffee cake.

Fun moments of the day...

...ragging New York State Republican Chairman Eddie Cox about everything from the failure to get former GOP Candidate Ben Carson off the actual Primary ballot to the emergence of clown-haired Donald Trump as the presumptive Presidential Nominee.

Fortunately, Ed takes it all in stride, though I might have given him a bad moment when I asked him how he would handle it Wednesday morning when First Vice Chairman Bill Reilich approached him with a revolver and a single round in the cylinder, clapped him on the shoulder and left him with the words, "For the good of the Party, Ed, for the good of the party!"

Anomaly of the day...

...the two E.D.s 14 and 30 on the left side of the room had a great many more Republican voters turning out, while those across the floor, E.D.s 10 and 37, were disproportionally weighted in favor of the Democratic faithful.

For the record...

...among those Dems who showed up in E.D. 14, Bernie Sanders was favored over Hillary Clinton.

Before I forget...

The Birthday Girl

...a happy second birthday to our little gal Sasquatch who came to live with us last Summer and has been a wonderful addition to the family.

Po' li'l "Sassy," sharing an anniversary with such notorious events as the start of the murderous Nazi assault of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943, the 1993 murder of 76 Branch Davidians by the FBI's ironically-named Hostage Rescue Team outside of Waco Texas, and the 1994 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killing 168 children and adults.


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