The third most enjoyable moment...

Monday, April 18, 2016

The third most enjoyable moment...

...on television last evening was watching former New York City Detective Bo Dietl get shot in the head on HBO's noisy '70s period drama about Manhattan's seamy drug-fueled record music business, "Vinyl."

I had to watch a time-shifted version of this first season finale as I was occupied watching enjoyable moments #1 and #2, the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup win over higher seed Tampa Bay, and the Los Angeles Dodgers come from behind win over arch rival San Francisco... it was a great night!

Seeing Dietl executed out of the series this morning was the frosting on the confection... he's just that annoying!


1. Frank Wheeler said...

I remember Dietl's frequent appearances on the Imus Show when it was on MSNBC... you're right, he is annoying with an act that wore thin with Leo Gorcy by the late '40s!

Precisely! Good call.
– Dean

2. Scarlett said...

Even more fitting, Dietl's character, "Joe Corso," was shot in the head because he was "always running his mouth!"

Jeez Louise, another good catch!

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