Worst Local Parking Lot 'Award'

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Worst Local Parking Lot 'Award'

For years, it was the one at 70 Sunset Avenue, then the home of Waldbaum's, the super market that no community deserved.

Then they got around to fixing the damned thing, a major repair and re-engineering when the Westhampton Beach Planning Board got tired of the game-playing by the appli­cant and held A&P's corporate feet to the fire in the last decade, and then some much-needed maintenance just a year ago.

After a quick consultation with others who pay attention to these things, the dubious "award" is being dusted off and presented to North Mall I on Old Riverhead Road.

North Mall I

It got my attention last weekend when we went up to Tonino's for dinner and by the time we'd pulled into a parking space, strains of that old Duane Eddy single, "40 Miles of Bad Road," was buzzing in my head.

While not (yet) an issue with gaping sinkholes a la Wald­baum's, the state of disrepair is much more extensive and at the least will require a serious resurfacing which, if they're smart will extend to North Mall II as well to ward off incipient deterioration.

Championed by Trustee Joan Levan, the grandiose plans for adding a second story by then owner Jonathan Win­ston fell apart in the midst of NYC tabloid scandal.

Now, with tenants abandoning the adjoining strip malls at an alarming rate, it is at risk of becoming the most promi­nent eyesore on Old Riverhead Road between Montauk High­way and Gabreski Airport, a stretch that others have been work­ing diligently to rehabilitate over the past three years.


1. Hampton West said...

It is a big time eyesore. Go after a rainstorm, bring a Zodiac just in case you need it. It's pathetic as it contributes to the rundown appearance to the entrance to the Village. That coupled with the post war Berlin look of the former bowling alley - folks, come on, you want people to come here? Not exactly appealing.

I get it... if you recall, I railed about the Northern entrance to the Village for years, with the dis-used Skyway/Matchbox/Finn McCool's on the one side and the demised cawwash and Coachworks on the other.

Don't know what will happen with the North Malls, but my understanding is that the Village is about to weigh in on that parking lot.
– Dean

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