Better diction, please!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Better diction, please!

And then there's this from 27East:

"Westhampton Free Library Board members on Wednesday night voted against changing the way in which they are selected to serve, opting to remain an appointed body rather than an elected one...."

Except that it's not an "an appointed body" at all, new members are invited onto the Board by existing members.

In other words, it's a closed shop, and in this case, the very same reason that tea was tossed into Boston Harbor almost 243 years ago: "taxation without representation!"

Especially shameful, the Library Board under President Tom Moore "teased" the taxpayers these past months with the notion that it was giving serious consideration to changing the charter to allow for an elected Board.

The only recourse now is at the ballot box next month when Westhampton Free Library's budget is subject to a straight up or down vote.

WFL has enough of a budget surplus to make it through at least one more year on "austerity," but it would cause some disorder and uncertainty among its Trustees.


1. Beth Flanagan said...

I just got a nice letter from them in my e-mail reminding me that the Library is a private not-for-profit....

Of course you did... their approach now will be a public relations campaign to convince taxpayers that having an "invited," self-perpetuating Board of Trustees is the better, safer alternative to a democratically elected one.

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