Something's coming...

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Something's coming... 214 Mill Road, and we are breathless in anticipation of the grand re-opening.

Justin's Chop Shop

I got anxious when I saw the windows papered over with a "closed" sign in the lower right this afternoon, and feared the worst.

Not to worry... Justin DeMarco's re-designed and greatly expanded "Chop Shop" will be up and running early this coming week.

Young DeMarco is a man with a vision and willing to make a substantial commitment to the Westhampton Beach com­munity... and that's a good thing.


1. Susan Berdinka said...

The quality of meat is top notch, and the customer service is excellent. I am glad to see he is prospering enough to expand!

Bright guy! Hired additional staff so no waiting.

Can't wait to see what the "new" shop looks like, and what else he's stocking.

2. Hampton West said...

Justin is the best!!! I asked for a "butterfly'd chicken" a while back in August – all bones removed – a time-consuming process, which he did at no additional charge!!! The guy and his staff are a joy to deal with. The Mrs. and I make it a point to buy from him, good price, excellent quality.

Obviously he's doing well there, and his personal and professional approach is paying off!

O, and I thought it was just called "boneless."

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