They <i>were</i> kidding, right?

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

They were kidding, right?

Or maybe they weren't... either way, I'm having a problem getting my mind around the featured attraction hired for Zoom Drain's Nassau Home Show at Hofstra University last Sunday.

Teresa Doonesbury character

I mean, Teresa Giudice? Really, a convicted felon/ex-con who looks like she was drawn by Garry Trudeau as a "Doonesbury" character?


1. David Powell said...

It has been my experience that at one time, the entertainment industry had talented people, very talented people, who became famous for their talent and then sadly became media sensations when their demons destroyed them and they self-destructed. Numerous generations of Barrymores, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, James Dean and Elvis Presley all seemed to fit that mold.

Since about 2000, it seems that the TV folks have decided to cut out the middleman of requiring people to have tremendous, blinding abilities or charisma to get famous, and decided instead to take people who just want to be on TV and have them pose as if they are self destructing – or, all too often, have them simply self destruct for real. Something that often happens when said people get "made famous" anyway, and hard enough to avoid by those who seek fame or have it thrust upon them, even if they have unique abilities or talent.

That many people recruited by the industry for this new breed of fame seem to end up craters or walking disasters seems to be the price. It is a very high one for these folks, and the society that has made them famous as well.

Someone (no names, please!) once said that everone will be famous for 15 minutes. Clearly there's a whole bunch of mediocre personalities who've overstayed their window of exposure.

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