Really, Hillary?

Friday, April 08, 2016

Really, Hillary?

My wife is at her computer screen, roaring with laughter at the news reports of the Democratic Presidential candidate struggling to demonstrate her authentic "Noo Yawkwoman­ship" by riding the subway... above ground.

Hillary Clinton brings traveling press circus on a wild subway ride through the Bronx

Despite her difficulties swiping the Metro Card acquired for the occasion... it took her five attempts accompanied by helpful exhortations from her retinue to gain extrance to the platform... Mrs. Clinton rode the 4 Train from 161st Street (Yankee Stadium) all the way to the 170th Street Station, elevated for the entire nine blocks!

(Woman can't handle a Metro Card, how can she be entrusted with nuclear weapons launch codes?)

This is the most colossally inept Presidential campaign press event since Michael Dukakis showed up in a helmet and a tank in 1988.


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