Polling, polling... get ready!

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Polling, polling... get ready!

With New York's Primary Day just over two weeks away, residents should stand by for an onslaught of political pollsters calling your home at any hour, wanting "several minutes of your time to answer a couple of questions."

(Prepare for a minimum of ten minutes!)

Got one such this afternoon, a push poll that was so bla­tantly negative to the Trump and Kasich candidacies that it was obviously commissioned by the Ted Cruz campaign.

It leaves little doubt in my mind that while Cruz may have fired his longtime campaign spokesman Rick Tyler over the "dirty tricks" against Marco Rubio, there remains, in the words of Nixon White House counsel John Dean, "a cancer" on the Cruz candidacy.

Right now, I have no enthusiasm for November's election.


1. Jackie Bennett said...

Well said, Speir. Neither do we have any taste for the coming election. The pickin's are lean indeed.

How did we get to this, I wonder?

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