Charles Vane was hanged last night...

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Charles Vane was hanged last night...

Zach McGowan as "Charles Vane"

...and my favorite Saturday evening cable series, "Black Sails," will be the worse for it, whether Starz renews it past next week's Season Three finale or not.

I took to the series from the night it weigh­ed anchor in January 2014... 52 years ago I was windjamming in the Caribbean, reading Raphael Sabatini (ah there, "Captain Blood" and Errol Flynn!) and sailing the Western part of what was once known as the Spanish Main... and I haven't missed an episode since.

Arguably, the character of "Charles Vane," protrayed by Zach McGowan with a husky whisper, has been the most compelling figure of the entire narrative, essentially a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic 1883 novel, "Treasure Island: a Story for Boys," seamlessly incor­pora­ting the fictional (John Silver, Captain Flint) with the his­tor­ical: Vane (1680-1721), Edward Teach (16??-1718) and Anne Bonny (1697-1782).

For me the most memorable aspect of Vane's story line was that last night was not the first time he was killed in the series.

Garth Collins as 'Albinus'

In memorable Season One (#8) hand-to-hand combat with the fearsome 6½-foot behemoth Albinus, Vane gives an excell­ent account of himself but is ulti­mate­ly defeated and summarily buried in a shallow grave.

That night Vane extricates himself from the earth and finishes off his adversary... it was the moment that locked in the series for me.

For this point on, I'll stay the course... at least until the show devolves into the unbearable.

But as long as there's a goodly amount of sailing set in the West Indies, I'm a fan.


1. Beth Flanagan said...

I was one episode behind on this, dammit!

Aw, jeez... now I went and spoiled it for you!

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