Pants on fire!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Pants on fire!

That's you, Jack O'Dwyer! From his public relations blog:

"The Westhampton, N.Y., library, which is also under pressure from residents to limit exposure of patrons to elecrtromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi and computers, has noted that it complies with federal guidelines. It has refused to make any changes in its current Wi-Fi setup."

What residents? Names? Specifics?

The only one making any sort of fuss about Westhampton Free Library's Wi-Fi, is that benighted old fraud O'Dwyer... and any claim of residency on his part is dubious.


1. Nutbeem said...

And from the nitpick department: If you want to be taken seriously as a Public Relations expert, it would seem wise to check your own work for typos. Electromagnetic is a long word, but easy to spell check.

That's Jack, all right!

But his beef with the Library (and in Hampton Bays, as well) is that they won't accept his eruv "research" and memorialize it in their collection(s).

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