Unconscionable CNN actions...

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Unconscionable CNN actions...

...and Donald Trump called them, and news-show host Don Lemon in particular, on it!

Screen capture from CNN

My wife spotted it ten minutes before Trump raised the is­sue with Lemon... CNN was playing the same several min­utes of video footage of a physical confrontation between Trump supporters and a Trump protestor, the images "loop­ing" while Lemon and his guests discussed the events lead­ing up to the cancellation of that evening's rally and its implications for the candidate.

The effect, buttressed by the "CNN Live" graphic in the lower right of the TV screen, was that the confrontation was on-going.

When Trump came on, via 'phone, Lemon and the can­di­date discussed that evening's events as the same video footage continued to loop on-screen until Trump calmly and without rancour pointed out precisedly what CNN was doing;

"I've been watching the same footage for the past hour, Don, and your viewers are getting the impression that this is all still on-going... it's not!"

Lemon lamely tried to defend what it was doing by as­serting that it was newsworthy, but his guest stayed on point and the Program Director changed what was being cablecast.

That same looped footage is on the CNN Website:

Trump supporters, protesters clash after Chicago rally postponed

"Donald Trump's campaign on Friday postponed a rally in Chicago amid fights between supporters and demon­stra­tors, protests in the streets and concerns that the environment at the event was no longer safe."

What CNN did was as dishonest as NBC's faked footage of the gas tanks of GM trucks catching fire in a sideways collision back in 1993 or running an edited 9-1-1 recording to make it appear that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin because he was black.


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