What does the Cablevision sale portend?

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

What does the Cablevision sale portend?

Few took notice... OtBB as well... of the proposed acquisition of the Long Island Cablevision media empire (including moribund Newsday) last September by a Netherlands-based multinational telecoms company.

Altice Agrees to Buy Cablevision for $10 Billion

"The takeover is expected to close in the first half of 2016 once regulatory approvals have been obtained"

And there's the rub... New York City, New York State and various organizations (Fair Media Council, Communications Workers of America) are opposed, and making their feelings known to the Federal Communica­tions Commission and that repository of remaindered political hacks, the New York State Public Service Commission!

(FCC: Altice and Cablevision, WC Docket 15-257.)

In fact, I could find only one entity anywhere which had anything positive to say about the proposed offshore ac­quisition of Long Island-based Cablevision, part-time Village resident Jack O'Dwyer:

Altice Buy of Cablevision/L.I. Could Save Subscribers $$

"The pending takeover of debt-ridden Cablevision by Altice could lower prices to subscribers."

Right! That's what such acquisitions are all about: altruism.

I don't think so!

So what could O'Dwyer be thinking?

Perhaps a pitch for the new owner's P.R. business should the buy-out take place... "Look, I was the one who backed you when everyone else was trying to drive a stake in your heart!"

Crafty, Jack... very crafty!


1. Victor Levy said...

Mr. O'Dwyer may be otherwise occupied now that Quogue has followed Southampton Town in settling with the E³A in the Eruv matter, leaving Westhampton Beach as the last holdout.

The very subject of Wednesday's OtBB!

But yes, I have every confidence that Br'er Jack will be heard from... if he doesn't blow a vein in his temple first.

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