Can't quite say 'Not a moment too soon...'

Monday, March 07, 2016

Can't quite say 'Not a moment too soon...'

...that my Sunday evening "guilty pleasure," CBS' "The Good Wife," is in the process of wrapping up its seventh and final season.

In point of fact, the series should have gracefully folded its tent after the sixth!

Last night's "Hearing" (episode #7-16) further exacerbated the sense that showrunners Robert and Michelle King, pre­viously announced as leaving following this season, had act­ually left last year.

That might have something to do with the fact that two of the main characters, "Kalinda Sharma" (Archie Panjabi) and "Will Gardner" (Josh Charles) were written out and the series has suffered for it because thems what remained aren't the same as those who started with the series back in Fall 2009.

O, it's the same actors with the same character names, all right, but those characters have been altered to an almost unrecognizable extent, and that's not why I've hung out for 150 episodes to date.

So, in a sense, one could say that "TGW" has "jumped the shark," but unlike "Fonzi" on water skis, it's a cumulative thing rather than a specific moment.

  • Think of how long it took "Alicia Florrick" to con­sum­mate her relationship with "Will Gardner." This season she practically fell into bed with the firm's investigator played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and one thing she is not is a round heels.
  • One of the law firm's senior partners, "Diane Lockhart," has had her personality surgically removed for this homestretch... there's not a degree of warmth left in her.
  • And then there's "Eli Gold," played by openly bi­sexual Alan Cumming who, as in real life since he legally married Grant Shaffer, has become in­creas­ingly gay in an insufferably prissy manner... without any explanatory storyline.

There are other instances, of course, but mostly it comes down to the show becoming just plain annoying... had it started out that way, I'd've never made it through episode two!

Well past time to say "Bye-bye!"


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