Nancy Cuthbert (1930-2016)

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Nancy Cuthbert (1930-2016)

Nancy Whaley Cuthbert

Mrs. Peter Cuthbert, the former Nancy Whaley, was laid to rest in a snow-carpeted Westhampton Cemetery this morning in the presence of her widower, her six children, numerous grandchildren and countless friends.

It was a lovely ceremony conducted by Nancy's brother and accompanied by the sounds of geese gossiping on Cook's Pond, a solitary bagpiper in kilt and kit, and a red hawk who rose from the North and spiraled overhead for the occasion.


1. Martin Baker said...

So sorry to hear about Nancy. Please extend my condolences to the family. Many fond memories of racing and Yacht Squadron activities. That family was a great part of the club's history.

Will do, Marty. I'd forgotten that papa Pete is a past Commodore.
– Dean

2. Mary Cuthbert said...

Thank you Dean for your account of the day! We gave thanks for the snow, the geese and the many people and family who came to her service and heard the words of her brother ring true. A beautiful day it was!

It was nice to see you again, Mary, and your brothers and sisters.

3. Lee Cuthbert Green said...

Dean, what a lovely tribute to my mother. You captured the sentiment so well. We were blessed to have such wonderful support from friends and family, to include you and Jeanne. Thank you!

Wonderful to see you and yours, Lee... sorry for the circumstances.

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