March Village Board Meeting

Thursday, March 03, 2016

March Village Board Meeting

Westhampton Beach Mayor Maria Moore took a chapter from former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's 1996 vol­ume, "It Takes a Village" this evening.

March Village Meeting

Led by Dress-uniformed Sons of the Beach (whose num­bers lined 2½ sides of the meeting room for the largest turn-out since residents made their feelings known about a "Police Com­mis­sioner" last year), feted the Village's three centurions: birthday girl Rose Loos along with John Comba and Jean Tocko.

All were honored with Proclamations from both the munic­i­pality and the Westhampton Beach Historical Society, keys to Village, and bouquets of flowers.

(And when Mayor Moore finally gets the hang of run­ning an organized meeting, I'm going to present her with some flowers!)

Following the largely ceremonial opening 25 minutes, the Village Board... less Trustee Brian Tymann... got down to the agenda starting with a Public Hearing on a Zoning Change for 133-137 Montauk Highway, the former Petty Hardware property. Nothing dramatic with that appli­ca­tion, the approval of which seems pro forma.

The Village Board conditionally approved, with "project modifications and substantial mitigation measures design­ed to minimize impacts on the adjacent residential prop­erties," the application of Sunset West LLC/Teserra LLC.

(Translation: the old bowling alley project should resume shortly, and result in a commercial structure of 10,000 square feet.)

Other approvals for use of Village property were given for organizations Peconic Bay Medical Center, Westhamp­ton Free Library, East End Little League, the Greater Westhampton Chamber of Commerce, Hurricane Education Foundation and the Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Parade Day Committee.

(The latter will be held next Saturday, March 12th, cul­minating with a carnival on the Great Lawn from Noon to 5:00 pm.)

Also authorized were renewals for 2016 of Outdoor Tables, Chairs and Benches for Whitney's Delicatessen and Beach Bakery Grand Cafe, as well as the latter's Outdoor Music Permit, plus Outdoor Dining Permit for Tonino's Pizza and Goldberg's Deli. Starr Boggs will again have open air music as well.

The Board also renewed the contract with Fluid Imagery Consulting for "computer infrastructure maintenance and support" at a monthly fee of $3,000.

Also changed was the Local Law dealing with Peddling & Soliciting, the language of which may be found in Chapter 128 of the Village Code. Trustee Ralph Urban noted that the Village has printed some small "No Solicitation" win­dow signs for property owners to display if they desire.

Finally, the Board of Trustees authorized the release of the 2015 $1,000 security deposit to J.R. Water Corporation for the Rogers Beach Pavilion Snack Bar Concession.

In the Public Comment portion of the meeting, a mildly disgruntled owner of Hurricane Deli (formerly Loughlin's) held the Board's feet to the fire over their decision to oper­ate the Rogers Beach Pavilion Snack Bar themselves this season, rather than again bid it out as a concession as has always been done in the past.

The gentleman raised some good points and the Village's response about trying to generate more income to keep under the mandated New York State Tax Cap seemed unconvincing... I don't think this is over.

Unfortunately, due to a flub by Black Sheep Television, there will be no video record of this meeting, only an audio tape.


1. Ray Overton said...

The ceremony was very nice for Rose, Jean and John. It's just too bad the Historical Society didn't understand its own roots better. They could have publicly thanked John for the hard work he and a couple of other local volunteers put in to renovate the main historical society building. Their efforts have never been recognized because it involved their own labor and sweat.

Did you make that suggestion to the Historical Society, Ray? They did recognize John, Jean and Rose at the Village meeting with Proclamations, but if you feel that more was required, I think it would be incumbent on you to put a bug in someone's ear, yes?

2. Roy said...

Dean – just curious, can the Village put this water treatment plant on school grounds? I'm sure the school could use whatever money is derived from this, plus the use of water (maybe to help get rid of turf field) and to use this project in our science program?? I am honestly curious.

What "water treatment plant," Roy?

3. Roy said...

Sorry, "sewage treatment plant." They said it could be totally underground.

"They?" Roy, you're way ahead of me on this issue, and perhaps ahead of the Village Board... not that I have any special access there.

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