The B-I-G Sell Job

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The B-I-G Sell Job

Over half-a-centry ago the poetic American songwriter Bob Dylan sang:

"There's a battle outside and it is raging. It'll
soon shake your windows and rattle your walls...."

Right! But the fight is not Trump v. Cruz v. Rubio, or Hillary against the FBI, or even Dave Calone or Anna Throne-Holst to see who gets run over by Lee Zeldin.

It's a passel of people and civic collectives against some­thing called "The Hills in East Quogue," and while it domi­nated last week's Southampton Press with Letters to the Editor and full page advertisements, it's still going strong in this morning's paper as well.

A Town-wide mailing in support has also been made:

Front of post card mailer

...and has even extended into cyberspace with Comments to reports on 27East and Websites both pro and con.

(Then there's always Facebook!)

It's clear that there's a great deal of money riding on this for the developer, and despite the enumerated advantages offered in support, thems agin it aren't letting up... as a measure of their zeal, they've gone so far as to enlist the services of actor-turned-personality Alex Baldwin who, mercifully, doesn't reside in Southampton Town.

Meanwhile, down on Dune Road, the same developer's make-over of The Dune Deck property progresses apace and without opposition.

Former Dune Deck construction


1. Coach K said...

Once the facts are on the table, this monstrosity of a project is gonna' go down quicker than cheap beer in Milwaukee.

Exactly which "facts" do you foresee sinking the project? (This isn't a set up... I'm new to this particular issue.)

2. Coach K said...

The alchemy behind their science relative to nitrogen in soil and fresh/salt water. No kids in the school. Federal law says otherwise, in a big way. Homeowner stay will be limited via covenant. With the NYC market they are looking for, I don't think so.

Go back in the local press from approximately 2/14 on for all the specifics. Or, simply stay tuned.

Okay... think I'll do that.

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