Sunday outing along the strand

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday outing along the strand

Some friends in Quogue alerted us to the current seals phenomenon in Moriches Bay Northwest of Cupsogue Beach on a shoal visible only at ebb tide just inside the Inlet.

"There were about a hundred of them just past midday," Mary Hoch told Jeanne yesterday, so naturally she wanted to go see for herself.

We checked the tide tables for Moriches Inlet and set off in my four-wheeler just after noon.

(Saw some startling sights on the way... more on that later... which reminded me I need to get out more.)

Harbor seals relaxing inside Moriches Inlet

Wow! Were there ever seals! Your garden variety harbor seals (Phoca vitulina) by the look of them... perhaps not as many as the Hochs had seen yesterday, but they were plentiful as they hauled themselves out to relax on the sandbar.

(And they had plenty of visitors to come and observe them as well.)

One the way home Jeanne wanted to stop at Rogers Beach and look at the waves... and spotted two more bobbing in the surf 15-20 yards offshore.


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