Football Field update

Monday, February 15, 2016

Football Field update

Memo to Westhampton Beach Board of Education:

U.S. agencies to study safety of artificial turf fields

According to CPSC Chairman Elliot Kaye:

"The Environmental Protection Agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Friday they will study whether artificial turf fields and playgrounds that use bits of recycled tires are exposing children to dangerous chemicals."

United States Senators Richard Blumenthal (d-ct) and Bill Nelson (d-fl), citing research from University of Washing­ton associate women’s soccer coach Amy Griffin who found 153 reported cases of cancer involving athletes who spent significant periods of time playing on crumb rubber turf, last month called on the Obama administration to conduct a comprehensive study on whether such surfaces poses a health hazard.

Are ya running with us, Bryan Dean? It's not like you weren't cautioned:

We'll keep you posted.


1. Bryan Dean said...

Mr. Blogger let's face it, you were never for the turf field. Many of those reports were around when the community passed the field vote. Last time I drove past our beautiful schools I saw plenty of people using the turf. A matter of fact, most times I pass the school the field is being used. I haven't heard of a university or NFL stadium that's removing their field because of some report.

If we waited like the Village did with the sewer district we'd all be saying what if. Kudos to the taxpayers who voted for it. It is and will always be something this community can be proud of. Money well spent!!

How could I support something where the health risk is still such an open question, Bryan?

And I hope the Board of Eduction researched artificial turf health risks more thoroughly than you did the subject of natural grass fields used by the National Football League: Arrowhead Stadium, Bank of America Stadium, EverBank Field, FedEx Field, FirstEnergy Stadium, Heinz Field, Lambeau Field, Levi's Stadium, Lincoln Financial Field, Nissan Stadium, NRG Stadium, Coliseum, Qualcomm Stadium, Raymond James Stadium, Soldier Field, Sports Authority Field, Sun Life Stadium and University of Phoenix Stadium, home to the Arizona Cardinals.

Why do you think they've all held off? It's certainly not a matter of cost!
– Dean

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Damn it! In 2009 we were discussing these issues?

Your linked walk down the OtBB memory lane was a painful read. Every school district that could afford to, put in the crumbly black rubber granules.

Now? Evidence is piling up. Please at least read the Amy Griffin link listed above: in short:

"Coach Amy Griffin's list of athletes with cancer who have played on synthetic turf now stands at 200 athletes, 158 of whom are soccer players. Of those soccer players, 101 are goalkeepers."
There is an inordinate and extraordinary occurrence of Lymphomas in young people. That's not supposed to happen.

If your child is close to the ground, either by sport play or size (think Pee-Wee football) the last place you want them to be is on that crumbly black stuff that's in your mouth, lungs, eyes, nose, ears, cuts and scrapes.

We worry about toxic water, and toys, and air quality. Yet the kids are playing on crumbled rubber tires – a toxic dump.
Yes, dear.

3. Bryan Dean said...

So, half the stadiums in the NFL are grass. If you asked anyone who's played football before of course they would rather play on grass. But the Carl Hansen Field is not exclusive to football. Like I said earlier, the field is always in use by our students and community members. The turf allows the constant use. I noticed you failed to mention universities. I know there are plenty that have grass as well but the ones with turf far outweight the ones that don't. Looks like the debate on this one will continue. My I suggest you let this topic lay awhile and tackle the Village again. Last time I drove through things looked a bit sparse. It's always great chatting with you. Honestly, I do miss it.

How convenient of you to now acknowledge that "the Carl Hansen Field is not exclusive;" my wife, a Soccer Mom Emeritrus can recount numerous instances from the '90s where members and staff of the Hurricane football squad acted as if the field was exclusively theirs!

Seriously Bryan, I have little faith in govermental agencies like the three cited (EPA, CDC and CPSC) getting it right; often they are administered by hack political appointees completely unsuited for their jobs, but they seem to have a bone in their collective teeth and however long it takes, they will either confirm or debunk Amy Griffin's findings... at which time I'll likely be scattered in the Atlantic and you'll be golfing six days a week in South Carolina.

As for tackling the Village, ye Gawds, man, what am I missing? Out with it!
– Dean

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