A major loss of luster...

Friday, February 12, 2016

A major loss of luster...

...is what Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz continues to suffer this month, and we're talking a matter of character here!

First there was the disinformation ploy the Cruz campaign used against Dr. Ben Carson in the final lap of the Iowa caucuses which may have denied Donald Trump a win in that state.

(On the plus side, it might have infused a note of humility into The Donald... if that's possible.)

Today we learned that the Cruz campaign quickly pulled a 30-second anti-Marco Rubio television spot because it included an actress who used to appear in racy movies!

Amy Lindsay

The media is referring to the 40-some­thing Amy Lindsay as a "softcore porn actress," which, like "semi-automatic assault weapon," is something of an oxymoron.

(In the early '70s when I helped book off-season movies for the Hampton Arts, those films were called "hard Rs.")

Okay, between 1996 and 2010, the self-described "Christian conservative" from Columbus, Ohio appeared in a number of "T&A flicks" in which she frequently displayed her (non-augmented) breasts, and if anyone in the Cruz campaign was interested in vetting Lindsay's professional career before casting her in the spot, they could have punched her name into Nudography.com [nws].

(Since this is so important to the candidate, that it wasn't done raises questions about the man's qualifications as a leader.)

For her part, Lindsay praised Cruz for being open-minded enough to use her in the spot, and now that it's been axed, last night she tweeted:

"Extremely disappointed the #TedCruz campaign pulled the national television spot I had a role in..."

...but didn't say if she would still support his candidacy.

Outside of the Bible Belt, with this reaction Cruz has probably come across as excessively prissy, and possibly unChristian... I mean, where is the forgiveness?

The question now is whether the 45-year-old Southern Baptist conceived his two children with the lights on or off?


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