Two signs the Village is in trouble...

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Two signs the Village is in trouble...

...and the culprits aren't in Village Hall, though one is, in fact, at Six Corners!

The Hampton Arts Twin Cinema

Are they serious?!

Mid-Winter, presently all but snow-bound, and the only movies venue around goes dark on us during our period of greatest need!

(Forget the Performing Arts Center on Main Street... it only shows movies [they prefer the term "cinema"] as an after-thought!)

And then there's the Sunset Avenue matter...

The desolate and deserted former Waldbaum's property

It's not just that the area for the greater part looks like Berlin in April 1945 with the one-time bowling alley property in a state of stasis, but across the street nothing has happened with the former Waldbaum's... it's still empty with no sign of renovation by Best Markets.

(In another fact, the building, while perpetually dark, remains festooned with "waldbaum's waldbaum's waldbaum's waldbaum's waldbaum's" across its otherwise bleak facade!)

These are not the signs of a vibrant community... Westhampton Beach may not be a Winter festival, but it deserves better than this!

On the bright side, at least the new fire house is nearing completion.


1. Ray Overton said...

In reviewing the Planning Board agenda, the application on the former A&P building was on for last evening as a holdover. For the prior meeting, it was listed as awaiting Board of Health approval. Is there any word on that so they can proceed with their renovations?

Not at this time... an "inside" source told me Thursday that Best is looking at a May launch, #1, and, #2, they may have rethought their hiring practices for this location.

2. Victor Levy said...

As of Wednesday this week they have not yet obtained an asbestos report which they need to progress with any work.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

At this point, the "planning" by corporate Best gives one pause about the future prospects of the store.

3. Jeanne Speir said...

I was at their Best Market very busy Riverhead store today, Saturday, and they've improved it. The deli counter was moving, the place looked cleaner, and they'd eliminated the human-high stacks of merchandise by the checkout counter, giving the place a more open look. Plus, they had enough check out staff. The lines went quickly. I got my Boar's Head cold cuts on sale, my Karl Ehmer brats, sale blueberries, $1.79 chicken cutlets... and left quick and happy.

That you for the SitRep, dear wife... there's hope and renewed optimism for the Sunset Avenue venue yet... if they ever get it open.
– Dean

4. Hampton West said...

Dean, I know City folks who usually come out year 'round who decided to close up for the Winter as, even if the Waldbaum's sucked, there was no easy place to get basic groceries, and who wants to drive for miles for the basics?

Bad planning on their part... they could've brought those basics out with them or stopped at a decent market on the way out.

But your point is well-taken, HW.

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