February Village Board Meeting

Thursday, February 04, 2016

February Village Board Meeting

...being another mercifully brief mid-Winter session, start-to-finish in 16 minutes which included the time it took to swear in a full-time police officer with attendant speechifying, glad-handing and multiple "photo ops."

With Mayor Maria Moore occupied elsewhere on family business, Deputy Mayor Charles Palmer Jr. ran the meet­ing at breakneck speed, but business was still addressed:

  1. Real Property Tax Exemptions were approved for non-profiteers, Dayton Soehlke Ohlhorst VFW Hall at 101 Old Riverhead Road and East End Hospice at 193, 195 and 209 Mill Road.
  2. Authorized $71,000 for H2M Engineers to pre­pare a Map and Plan for a proposed central waste­water collection and treatment program (i.e., sewer system).
  3. Scheduled a Public Hearing for March 3, 2016 for a Special Exception-Change of Zone for 133-137 Montauk Highway and 92 Oak Street (former Petty Hardware property).
Police Chief Trevor Gonce and Officer Gennaro DeScalo
  1. Accepted (without the traditional expression of regrets) the resignation of Police Officer Christo­pher J. Kelly, effec­tive February 15, 2016.
  2. Appointed to the position of Police Officer Gennaro S. DeScalo at an annual salary of $53,957.28, effective February 16, 2016.
  3. Incrementally reduced the Performance Bond of Timber Ridge at Westhampton Beach V (a/k/a "The Dunes at Westhampton Beach") from $1,386,110 to $100,000.

There being no further business other than some miscel­laneous kibitzing from the audience, the meeting was closed at 7:16pm.


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