"After the party...

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

"After the party...

...it's all in the potty," was an odious expression used by a chum of mine more than half a century ago to describe the results of excessive imbibition the previous night.

That's sort of how I feel following Monday evening's Iowa caucuses, as I not unreasonably expected that everyone's battlecry would be "On to New Hampshire!"

Yeah, well, what do I know?

Here it is after the end of the convoluted caucusing...

(Whatever the hell that was, 'cause I still don't get it!)

...process 30-odd hours later, and for the first time in my recollection, it's not actually over!

What is known:

Two Republican presidential candidates have "suspended" their campaigns... i.e., quit... as has the #3 Democrat: Rand Paul, Rick Santorum (I had no idea he was still in the race) and Martin O'Malley (what was he doing there in the first place?).

Fine... thinning the herd improves the breed.

What is not known:

Remember how 24 hours ago we thought that the top three GOP finishers were Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, and that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were in a virtual dead heat?

Dr. Ben Carson, who finished up the track in fourth place, has accused Cruz of cheating, a claim the Cruz cam­paign initially denied, then fessed up to, apologized for and claimed that it was just a misunderstanding on their part!

Ever eager to reclaim a leading role in the news cycle, Trump quickly jumped on Cruz as it gives him a future talking point that he actually won in Iowa except for Cruz' disinformation releases.

(The Donald wants a "do-over.")

Ex-First Lady Clinton eeked out a 2/10ths of one-percent victory over her unapologetically Socialist opponent, not so much in the caucuses, but based on six (6, count'em, 6!) coin tosses... I mean, why not "Rock, Paper, Scissors" or throwing fingers, best two-out-of-three?

Iowa may supplant Florida and its "hanging chad" fiasco as a national joke... except that we're trying to elect a president here, and that shouldn't be a laughing matter!


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