This is just <i>wrong</i>...

Friday, January 08, 2016

This is just wrong...

Sign in Barth's window on Sunset Avenue

...and I'm writing that as someone who is al­most exclusively a patron of Barth's Pharmacy at 58 Sun­set Avenue in West­hampton Beach.

What is doubly troubling is that the words expressed by the Village Trustees (and myself) at the December Village Board Meeting seem to have fallen on deaf ears, so here they are again:

"What most of those in apparent opposition (to a CVS Pharmacy) don't grasp is that the municipality has a number of fully articulated standards in its code, and if those standards are met, then the application will be granted... to do otherwise is to invite an unwinnable legal action."

Show up at the (rescheduled) monthly meeting, Thursday, January 14th if you like, but don't demand that the Board cut its own, and ultimately our own, throat!


1. Jackie Bennett said...

We saw this poster on the window at Barth's on Sunset Avenue. Too much competition for a Summer resort that becomes comatose in the Winter. History will repeat itself. There were too many banks and too many gas stations. And now there are too many empty buildings.

That is the poster in Barth's window!

Look, I like Lou, and we patronize that pharmacy virtually exclusively, but he's leading people down the wrong path on this one.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

I sort of understand your statement of what is, Dean. But for the "municipality-standard naïve," like I; can't a municipality have an articulated number of "like-store" limitations in a less than three square mile village? (I guess not, considering the number of real estate offices.)

That said, the insurance and pharmaceutical industries are forcing us to patronize their choice of pharmacy by cost. Big box stores like CVS are winning these contracts.

Barth's has been hosed by this already. So have we.

Anything even vaguely discriminatory such as you suggest, would not only lose in a law suit, but be subject to large punitive damages.

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