If you were wondering about John Tesar...

Monday, January 04, 2016

If you were wondering about John Tesar...

...for something other than he skipped town owing you money, the lad has made a major... albeit notorious... name for himself in and around Dallas.

Actually, Tesar has done alright for himself, with his own professionally managed Website and (currently) two (2... but subject to change at any moment) upscale restaurants in which he showcases his culinary skills.

And to think, he got his start flipping burgers onto Thomas' Toasteds at Magic's Pub after launching his Hamptons' career as a towel boy at The Dune Deck.

That both of those places are gone... The Dune Deck razed and Magic's dark lo these past four years... and Tesar's personal scorched earth policy the stuff of legend, are un­related.

A sampling of Tesarly headlines:
Detail of photo by Kevin Marple

From these we may infer two things:

  1. Chef John Tesar's publicist Dawn Britt is a very hard-working gal.
  2. Chef John Tesar is of the Kim Kardash­ian School of Posing for Photos; (i.e., expression­less direct eye contact).

Two of my favorite recollections of John both occurred on Westhampton Beach's Main Street about 20 years apart:

When he was operating at Club Pierre in the old Howell House annex, my peripatetic beagle Charles liked to make that his first stop when he got loose in the evenings.

Charles would appear at the kitchen door where John's then-wife Dawn would invite him in, get down on the floor and feed him, not just random scraps but things like Seared Yellowtail Snapper with Three Dipping Sauces, $33.50 (1988 prices) for which John would present me with a bill the next time I stopped in for a nightcap... and Dawn would immediately rip it up with reproving words for her husband.

Jump forward several decades to one Sunday evening at the Post Stop Café:

We ran into John and exchanged brief greetings as it had been awhile since we'd seen one another.

Then, by way of a conversation starter, instead of simply saying, "So, what have you been up to?" or "What's going on around town?," he started in with "I ran into Colin last week in the West Village," when I knew for a fact that my son hadn't been within 3,000 miles of New York City in at least a year.

"I don't think so," I told him, but he tried to bluster his way out of it.

Unfortunately for John I was in no mood for that sort of thing, and quite directly called him on it, something to the effect of "Don't you know how to have a simple conversation with someone with out starting out with B.S.?"

He shut up after that, and wandered off down the bar.

Later, as he walked past me on his way out the door, he said, "You know Dean, you're a real prick!"

Jeanne started laughing, and when I asked her what was so funny, she said, "He's right, you know!"

Nice to see, however, that an (adopted) local kid is making a name for himself by doing something he likes to do... and seems to do very well.


1. Coach K said...

Five star chef, (not four). Very, very few are better.

None come to mind.

And... and... and....

2. Coach K said...

Isn't that enough?

Your meaning was unclear.
– Dean

3. Coach K said...

What is with the "your meaning was unclear" thing? I did not write that.

No, I did... and your meaning is still unclear.

(Sorry for the coding error.)

4. Elyse Richman said...

Just saw John on CBS this morning, very impressive! Great local story!

Sorry I missed it. Fortunately, it's archived on the 'Net.

As with anything involving Br'er Tesar, everything should be taken with a whole lick o'salt.

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