The Kasich question...

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Kasich question... a simple one that no one seems to want to ask:

Why is Ohio Governor John Kasich still in the race
for the GOP Presidential nomination?

Upon observation, Kasich has been a nebbish from the jump, right down there with George Pataki at the bottom of the Republican hierarchy who had an itch to compete for the White House next November.

He should have never been considered a major candidate, yet he's been afforded exposure on the "Big Boys" stage in all of the televised debates to date.

Yesterday he twice asserted on ABC's "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" that:

"I'm now running third in the poll, just 1 point behind second place, and really not that far behind Trump."

(Interviewer Jonathan Karl not only neglected to challenge him or ask for his source, he never even raised an eyebrow.)

Sweet honey mustard! If this is how Kasich does math, someone had better audit the books in Ohio without delay!

A look at some national polls reveals the following:

PollKasich %2nd Place %Points Behind
Real Clear Politics2% (#8)Cruz 18%-16%
Politico2% #9)Cruz 18%-16%
Town Hall2% (#9)Rubio 17%-15%
Quinnipiac1% (#9)Cruz 24%-23%

Aside from his fanciful figuring, in an absurd attempt to broaden his appeal Kasich dropped the name of a well-known Conservative Fox News personality with...

Ohio Governor John Kasich
" old colleague Bill O'Reilly...."

(30 seconds listening to Kasich's pitch exposes him to be as white-bread, middle-of-the-political-road as Fred Thiele, jr.)

I can only speculate that the Republican National Com­mit­tee has pulled a lot of strings to get Kasich into the dis­cus­sion and debates, as the ideal compromise candidate, a more mainstream alternative to the "too Conservative" Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio, the recycled Mike Huckabee, the Libertarian Rand Paul or the "bridge-gate" damaged Chris Christie.

(This would have been before Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina or The Donald blasted their ways into the GOP field.)

Nutty conspiracy theory? Okay, how do you explain it?


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