One of my best Christmas presents ever!

Friday, December 25, 2015

One of my best Christmas presents ever!

It was, of course, courtesy of my wife who is an absolutely brilliant gift-giver when it comes to me... for my part, I pale by comparison!

Hurricane Superstorm Sandy did a number on our vehicles (see: "Upon Reflection..."), and while Jeanne took her in­sur­ance money and purchased a new car, I had mine fixed up and got it back on the road.

(Something of a fatalist, I decided that my 2001 Ford Escape was going to be my last-ever car when I got it new from Chet Morris... so far so good.)

After about 15 months, though, the running boards started looking a little shakey, and last Christmas Eve, one fell off somewhere in East Quogue.

Within days the other side let loose as well...

The passenger's side view

...and so I've spent all of 2015 driving a car that, in my daughter's words, looked like it had been in the original "Max Max."

Last week, Jeanne borrowed the Escape to make a run to Riverhead for something "too large for my Prius," and when she returned, it was sporting a driver's side running board she'd found through a scrap yard on Kromer Avenue.

The refurbished driver's side

Brilliant! Thanks baby!


1. Jeanne Speir said...

It was a good Christmas. Now, if anyone has a passenger-side running board....

You've done enough, my precious... relax and rest on your laurels a bit.

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