'Homeland' leaves me breathless...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

'Homeland' leaves me breathless...

...on the edge of my seat and my stomach in a knot, none of which I'm aware of 'til the end credit have rolled and the trailer for the next week is showing.

That likely won't be the case this evening, as it's the fifth season finale of the ultra-contemporary cable Show­time series in which, prior seasons have shown us, anyone can die at any­time and in economy-size quantities.

(See S2#12, "The Choice" or S4#9, "13 Hours in Islamabad.")

That's the effect that "Homeland" has on me... and at 10:00 this evening, I'll start getting itchy for the sixth thrilling season to return next Fall.

The gods who watch over the screenwriters' room are making sure that there is certainly enough "ripped from today's headlines" material available for inspiration!


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