Never too early to posture for AT-H...

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Never too early to posture for AT-H...

...which is exactly what she did this week if the report in Newsday is to be trusted (always a dicey proposition):

Anna Throne-Holst delivers gun control petitions to Lee Zeldin's office

"Southampton Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst, who is looking to oppose Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin next November, dropped off petitions with 800 signatures at the congressman's local district office Monday urging him to back fellow Republican Rep. Peter King’s proposal to bar those involved in terrorism from being able to get guns."

And none can fault her when, in a press release, she referred to this as "no-brainer measure."

If that's the language on the petition her campaign circulated, it's little wonder that 800 signatures were collected last weekend.

The problem is that would be a "push petition" which, as with a "push poll," is per The New York Times "a particu­lar­ly sleazy form of negative political campaigning."

Throne-Holst, 55, who leaves the Supervisor's office at the end of the month, is batting her dark brown lashes at first term Congressman Zeldin's seat next November but has two major obstacles:

  • She has little profile West of the East End, and a significant chunk of the 1st Congressional District voters reside there.
  • There's the little matter of a primary battle against well-funded 41-year old venture capitalist and "life-long Democrat" David Calone who lives in Brookhave Town and has chaired the Suffolk County Planning Commission for over seven years.

(It also doesn't help that Throne-Holst has a viper at her bosom in Sally Pope who served with her on the Town Board in 2009.)

As an Independence Party member, Throne-Holst would need to change her registration to Democrat in order to face Calone in a primary.

But if her bogus "gun control petition" is her best opening salvo, Anna Throne-Holst will likely be staying in the pri­vate sector for the foreseeable future.

A call to Throne-Holst was fowarded to her campaign office earlier this week, but has yet to be returned.


1. Coach K said...

...I don't get the Sally Pope reference?

That's why I try to always provide a link, in case the reference is too obscure.

Ms. Pope has thrown her support behind Calone, whether it's because he's a "life-long Democrat" and AT-H isn't, or (and I suspect that this is the inference Calone's campaign would like others to get) that those who've worked closely in Government with her, want no part of her in Congress.
– Dean

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