Getting Called out on 27East...

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Getting Called out on 27East... Comments appended to its report on last week's Village Board Meeting, which report seems to be rea­son­ably accurate even though I did not see corre­spond­ent Greg Wehner in attendance.

First, from someone posting as "realistic," a Village resi­dent whose view of Westhampton Beach... yea, the world!... is filtered through the lens of a real estate broker:

"The local yokel blogger Speir thinks like the old timer he is."

In the memorable words of Marvelous Mark Slackmeyer: "Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!"

Can't dodge that one, nor would I try... been here since I was 18 months old and my mother was born here... so yes, I do fondly remember the cows in Thurston Raynor's pasture at the West end of Main Street in what is now known as "The Great Lawn."

And much of what I see is admittedly filtered through a different time with a different set of values... which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Comes then one "whatapity," purporting to be from Tuckahoe:

"Dean Speir is a laughing stock and what he has to say is meaningless."

I can't speak to the "laughing stock" part, but the re­main­der of his/her gripe is dispositive that "whatapity" is:

  • ...unfamiliar with at least one long-held position of OtBB;
  • ...condemning his own views as "meaningless."

After expressing his distaste for me and dismissing my own views, he sarcastically suggests:

"Maybe leave WHB just the way it is right now with all of the run down buildings; Old Dora's, Waldbaums{sic}, bowling alley, closed gas station - it really looks lovely and inviting."

Hmmmn... compare that with this from May 2009 or this from November 2009 or this December 2010 or this from May 2013 or finally this from September 2013.

My abiding wish is, and always has been, for the commer­cial parcels in of Westhampton Beach to be used and use­ful, but never with a wink at the Zoning Code as Micky Biss proposed 3½ years ago, or to the detriment of... dare I say it?... the greater good as developer Andrew Mendelson has been trying for more than four years.

(And again I ask speculator Biss, Whatever happened to Caveat Emptor?)

There's more than just sarcasm in the Comment by "what­a­pity" when he/she writes:

"I'll still to the the local pharmacy 365 days a year and CVS won't stop me from doing that so rest assured Mr. Cassara, you will not be losing my business."

That's called "irony," for those were my very words before the Village Board last week, but it appears that the kib­itz­er didn't read that far.

He/She adds, again with great sarcasm... which Oscar Wilde noted was "the lowest form of wit:"

"I'm sure the 'no change' philosophy is improving property values."

Just as I'm sure that some of the changes proposed will be to the detriment of those values; cf: Mendelson's plan.

And "used and useful" is what I, and OtBB, are about... though that's probably too recondite for those like "whata­pity" who move their lips when they read the cartoon on the Letters page of The Southampton Press.


1. Scarlett said...

I've got a good idea who "whatapity" is, and it shouldn't surprise you that he's in the real estate business as well. That credo is that there's big commissions in development, so don't get in the way.

It's a dog-eat-dog business, and the Building Inspector usually gets in the way of their livlihood so they blast him on a regular basis, and when you point this stuff out, you become a problem as well.

Don't care who he is so much as he got it wrong on several counts, and I've always hated being hung for a sheep.
– Dean

2. Crabby said...

Is the Wicked witch/deposed Empress of the West pulling puppet strings again?

Assuming you're referencing the Dowager Empress of Oneck, nah. I don' think she has a horse in this particular race.

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