Media's moronic 'Assault' overkill

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Media's moronic 'Assault' overkill

How serious was the news coverage of this afternoon's mass killings at the Inland Regional Center for develop­ment­ally disabled youth in San Bernardino, California?

Given that it was an on-going event, and no one... not ABC, not CNN, not Fox, not NBC and certainly not CBS which gave over its entire 6:30-7:00 pm network slot to it... wanted to miss out on possible footage of someone being shot or something blowing up.

They were, in short, all over it!

What became really tiresome was, for the first three hours of coverage, the repeated language...

"...armed with assault-style weapons, dressed in tactical gear...."

As an unabashed language pedant, I've long insisted that "assault" is an action verb, not an object, and that "tac­ti­cal" is a technique, not a garment.

Every sentence out of the on-scene stand-up reporter and/or the desk personality back in the studio was wearing those words out!

Why? Because it was important that they all sounded like they knew something about what they were reporting.

Flipping past MSNBC, which has for decades been as institutional anti-Second Amendment as Time magazine, guests for the split-screen coverage included a retired police officer and an academic type, both using the shooting to push their "gun control" arguments and bash the National Rifle Association.

Looking for some respite from the Leftist looniness, I tried out Fox News for some balance with the reportage.

The more fool I!

Yet I couldn't turn away as Sean Hannity revealed the poverty his persona as anything other than a lightweight Rightist entertainer.

(Equally unendurable: Hannity having Bowery Boys-wannabe Bo Dietl... talk about babbling... in the studio to add his ex-NYPD comments to the show.)

Wanna know about real "assault?" Most of those on the studio desks covering the San Bernardino shooting con­stituted an assault upon the ears!


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