The Rick Pitino question...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Rick Pitino question... the same one famously asked by Senator Howard Baker (r, tn) in June 1973 during the Senate Watergate Hearings:

"What did he know, and when did he know it?"

This entire subject, which yesterday burst all over national prominence like a pus-filled boil, is one of the sleaziest in recent memory.

Katina Powell

To the names of Fanne Foxe, Donna Rice, Monica Lewinski and Rielle Hunter can now be added Katina Powell, currently deemed by many to be "The Worst Woman in the World."

While she is self-described as an "escort," she's a common whore and... this is the worst part... a procurer for at least two of her three daughters, having turned them out when they were still teenagers.

And before any accuse OtBB of playing the "shame game," Powell "outed" herself in her recent book, "Breaking Car­di­nal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen."

(Significantly, it is only available in digital format from First Edition Design Publishing, as no one seemed to be willing to commit the text to paper-and-ink.)

Powell and her brood were all used as recruiting tools by the University of Louisville's basketball program at the behest of the team's director of basketball operations, Andre McGee.

Now an assistant coach at another university, McGee through his attorney acknowledged that he knows Powell but insisted that he did not pay anyone to have sex with players or recruits.

Five current or former Louisville hoops players, however, have now admitted that "strippers and sex" were part of their recruitment to commit to the basketball program.

For his part, Rick Pitino is publicly pleading with McGee to "tell the truth" that he (Pitino) knew nothing of the sordid recruiting conduct.

The prominent Louisville coach has some prior integrity problems, though, as discussed here 3½ years ago with an extra-marital event which lead to an extortion scheme.

We end with another celebrated quote from the Watergate Hearings, that from Attorney General William B. Saxbe who noted that President Richard Nixon was like...

"...the man who plays piano at a bawdy house for 20 years and says he doesn't know what's going on upstairs."

Nixon ultimately resigned after "the Watergate tapes" tapes were made public... are ya running with us, Rick?


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