A Sign of Disrespect

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Sign of Disrespect

One in a series of cranky local rants...

I wasn't born here, but my mother was, in a house on Seafield Lane. When my father went off to North Africa in '42, we came here to live in the house my mother and grandmother built on family property in 1930, and I take both pride and comfort that my son is the fourth generation on the deed.

Even though I was an "Army brat" for the first 16 years of my life, this was the place to which we always returned between postings to one base or another, so I've always considered Westhampton Beach my home, and have been here full-time since '65.

It's why I take considerable interest in what happens here, why I served on the ZBA for almost eleven years, why I ran for the Village Board last year, and why I produce this blog.

I also spent almost 25 years as a Main Street business owner, operating a graphics and advertising concern out of what is now the box office of the Performing Arts Center. It was an excellent vantage point from which to observe the changing Villagescape, especially the two parcels across the street. Where once was Ruben Edwards' yellow house set back from Main and Moniebogue, and Dr. Smith's dentistry practice (later The Glass Ballet) on the corner of Main and Mitchell, there are stores and offices... happily for the business community, more stores than offices.

One of my pet peeves in those days was the number of people who would come into the Village to set up a business, and not know either where they were or how to spell where they were, the two most common versions of which were:

  • 22 Mill Road, Westhampton
  • 65 Main Street, West Hampton Beach

Presumably, newcomers review their leases before executing them, and have the descriptions therein to use as reference for proper spelling and form.

I was never quite certain as to why this was so irksome to me... and awakening in my little comfy sack at 0200 hours, would wonder if it really wasn't because the proprietors had gone somewhere else for their business cards or stationary instead of coming to me where, at no additional charge, I could correct their sloppy mistakes and get them off to a better start in their new enterprise.

Sidebar: almost to a one, when their error was called their attention, a profanity would be uttered, followed by a terrible imprecation on the family of the printer who they would have all believe, was responsible for the gaffe.

For whatever reason, I haven't had occasion to think about this subject in sometime... until the other evening when driving down Sunset Avenue and obeying the stop sign at Main Street. And there it was:

One of the Goldberg's Deli signs on the South side of Main Street, opposite Sunset Avenue

There were two of them, identicial and several windows apart.

I involuntarily made an exclamation of despair, while my wife simply said: "I think that's what you'd call an inauspicious start."

I thought about it a bit and concluded that they certainly hadn't had the signs done locally, so the thought that they should perhaps support the community that they wish to have support them never occurred to the proprietors... or perhaps, as was suggested later, the "year 'round" community is simply not on whom they are counting for support.

Then I considered by own instinctive response... since I'm not a sign-maker, the only "horse" I might have in this race is my own feelings about Westhampton Beach.

So the basis of my disgruntlement for this type of thing is the disrespect shown for the Village by the newcomers who can't even be bothered to learn how to spell the venue where they're setting up shop.

It's just poor form... so a terrible pox upon the "Famous Deli" of Goldberg.


1. Matlynn Carville said...

Noooooooooooo! No Pox on Goldbergs! What if they have phenomenal pastrami? Just fix it, guys. Quick!

2. Tony Joe Berk said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who notices and gets annoyed with the misspelling of WESTHAMPTON BEACH. As for not supporting the locals, perhaps they need a tour of the area.

3. Specialist said...

Maybe they went to our dear Deputy Mayor for spelling advice. And what's going on around here. We have not heard of any contenders for the Mayor/Trustees race. I must think that the great people of WESTHAMPTON BEACH will not stand for another two years of the great Connie Teller's somewhat-only-when-he wants-all-other-times-sit-down Open Government.

4. MoCroPesce said...

Damn right Dean.

5. Clamqueen said...

There are too many twits amongst us. Put down your cell phones and pay attention to the rest of the world.

O, my Gawd! Never were truer words uttered! Never mind drivers with cell 'phones, one is equally as likely to get bowled over by someone in a cellular conversation while on a sidewalk!

6. Lynch Mob said...

Born and raised in Quiogue, I get irked when people say "You've misspoken, you mean Quogue." NO I DON'T! Also when newspaper articles refer to someone as being from Long Island, NY as if it is a tiny island and everyone knows each other. Dean, get on these horrid offenses before I have to start a Quiogue blog… where is Gloria when we need her?

"Horrid?" Dunno 'bout that… for me it's a peeve, is all. But then I'm an irksome type.
But your comment reminds me I'm overdue to deliver a screed about young Quiogue matrons barreling at an excessive rate of speed over Turkey Bridge in their SUVs, completely engrossed in their non-hands-free cell 'phones. (Saaaaaaaaaay, did Clamqueen put you up to this?)

7. Tony Joe Berk said...

I prefer Long Island, NY. It gives us our own identity from the rest of NY. I personally would like to put a stop to the phrase IN Long Island. Shouldn't it be ON Long Island?

8. Matlynn Carville said...

Hear hear!! Toddler and multitasking Mom's take note! PUT DOWN THAT PHONE and Slow Down!! Ya wanna be "green?" PROVE it in on the roadways.

9. vel said...

Maybe it's really Gold Berg's??

10. Tony Joe Berk said...

A sign in the Sunset Avenue 7-11 reads:
"A $3,000,000 lottery was purchased here at 7-11 61 Sunset Ave West Hampton Beach." It never ends...

One comes to expect that from franchise (and chain) stores… while Waldbum's has gotten (marginally) better in that regard, during the A&P decades, the weekly shopping flyer used to speak of the "West Hampton" store, getting it wrong on two counts! I used to make a point of going into the store everytime they had a "big" promotional event at which corporate officials would be in attendance, and try to find one who was something above the level of an under-assistant deputy management trainee, and ask that they try to get it right for a change.
Problem was, most of the suits and black socks would all be huddled together in groups of two and three, speaking in hushed tones and looking like they couldn't wait to get back to Montvale, New Jersey.
What was ironic was that the A&P South Fork flyers back then often listed the stores: "Easthampton, Southampton, West Hampton!"

11. Shepard M. Scheinberg said...

Not withstanding Goldberg not knowing how to spell "Westhampton Beach," he better know what a good piece of cornbeef is suppose to be. I'll be checking to see if the cornbeef is the "emet" (the real thing.)

My focus would be on the pastrami… if I can bring myself to patronize such a "disrespectful" establishment.

12. Don Gaiti said...

Many thanks Dean and how are you, almost 40 years later? Still remember the beautiful hockey puck you are and thanks for your graphic abilities back in the '70s for the Glass Ballet and NY Renaissance Festival. The good olde days.

Indeed, Donald! Haven't seen you since just after you sold the RenFest and blew through "town" in a green Jag Salon.

My Gawd! You still remember that "hockey puck" comment I directed at the late David Lee as a Chamber luncheon at the Continental Bamboo more than 40 years ago! Only reason I recall it is because of how you carried on!

Hope all is well with you and Lady Barbara... Colorado, isn't it?

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