Would've liked to have seen this happen!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Would've liked to have seen this happen!

Harkening back almost 30 months to this OtBB entry ("Like to see this happen...") which followed this report by Erin McKinley on 27East: "New Mediterranean Restaurant Could Open In Westhampton Beach," what now?

It would have been a great boon to the Main Street area on several counts, and if anyone knows why Barry Bern­stein hasn't moved forward with that project, it's not been reported anywhere.

(Yes, there are those who snark1 on 27East that it's all the fault of the Westhampton Beach Building De­partment because it's difficult to obtain approvals... that was a plank in Trustee Rob Rubio's election cam­paign... but is an uninformed fabrication.)

The upshot is that instead of a new and different eatery on a key corner in the downtown area, we still have this:

This used to be an Esso service station 60 years ago.

But if the Moore administration follows through with its proposed streetscape plan which involves redesigning the architecture of the corners at the Main Street and Mill Road-Library Avenue intersection, it's going to take on a significantly different appearance.

How this will impact on Mr. Bernstein's plans for his prop­erty on that Southwest corner, is unknown, but I think it would be incumbent on the Village to try to include him in whatever discussions are held in the future.

  1. In the early days of on-line "Community" forums... Ah there, Prodigy!... we called them MwMs, "Morons with Modems."


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