Fatuous question <i>du jour</i>

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fatuous question du jour

...courtesy of CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca, reporting on a school bus which was side-swiped by a car and plunged nose-first off a 610 South Loop overpass onto the lower Telephone Road in Houston, Texas.

At a subsequent press conference, Nathan Graf, Trans­por­ta­tion General Manager for Houston Independent School District, fielded questions from reporters.

When his time came, Villafranca's big question was:

"Did the bus have any safety devices on it, like a roll bar or anything?"

Graf patiently explained that the school bus was con­structed with a crush-proof ceiling with thick padding.

Villafranca closed the segment with an irrelevant note about seat belts which students are not required to wear.

(Video: "Houston school bus crash leaves 2 dead, several hurt")


1. Paramarine said...

To be fair, he may have been confused after his attendance at the monster truck rally just the previous night.

[In his best Akim Tamiroff voice:] You mekka leetle joka, eh?

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