Who'd a thunk it?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Who'd a thunk it?

My cousin Steve Griffing returned to his birthplace this weekend with a hankering to visit Eckart's Luncheonette since there is nothing comparable in his adoptive homes in either Central Florida or Kodiak, Alaska.

In truth, I've always been kinda intimidated by Eckart's from youthful recollections it being the place where the big fellas/power players... Rudy Kammerer, Al Link, Teddy Alpert, Tommy Lavalle, et al... met for their morning coffee to polish up their plans to rule the governments of the Village, the Town and even the County.

(In my early teens, though, my Dad routinely stopped after a morning of tennis in Remsenburg, for a cold mug of Jake Eckart's root beer from the enormous barrel perched atop the marble counter.)

The landmark root beer barrel

Well, by golly, either Jake's original barrel has been replaced with a smaller one over the decades, or it had just looked enormous from my pre-teen perspective.

The rest of the experience was equally eye-opening... I have no idea who came up with the menu, but it was terrific, and far from your garden variety ol' timey luncheonette.

While I was getting a warm impression of what was avail­able, by eye espied a "breakfast burrito" and I instant­ly lost sight of everything else!

Eggs, cheese, peppers 'n' onions and well-cooked sausage assembled in a soft wrap...delicious, and not at all what I expected from Eckart's!

The price was right as well... $6.75!

Steve was happy with his omelet, and revisiting the one place we've been so far which hasn't changed a jot since he left here more than 35 years ago.

Who'd a thunk it, indeed!


1. Barbara Ramsay said...

Happy Birthday Dean. Consider this a big hug and kiss from me to you!

I am flush with the blood rushing to my face... and elsewhere.

Thanks for remembering.

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