The high cost of Joan

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The high cost of Joan

I don't know Sabina Trager, having spoken with her only once when she reached out to elist OtBB in her fight with the Dowager Empress of Oneck and Westhampton Free Library... it was an interminable 20 minute conversation which left me with the impression that the young woman was a whiny ditz unused to being told "No!"

I never for a second, however, doubted her basic thesis that her working relationship with WFL had been termi­nat­ed because an extra-library political decision Ms. Trager made had displeased Joan Levan because, well, because that's how Joan rolls.

How Ms. Trager rolls is evident in today's report on 27East by Frank Costanza, and is worth reading:

Fired Westhampton Free Library Employee May Collect Unemployment

Let's just say, charitably, that she is tenacious, and if OtBB and, initially, The Southampton Press declined to carry her water, she found a more sympathetic ear with Senior Ad­min­istrative Law Judge David H. Kim of the New York State Un­employment Insurance Appeal Board.

His ruling:

"The credible evidence establishes that the claimant lost her employment under non-disqualifying conditions."

Translation: Ms. Trager was terminated without proper cause, rather than the "misconduct" initially alleged by WFL.

In an E-mail to The Southampton Press Western Edition yesterday, WFL Board of Trustees President Joan Levan wrote:

"We did not contest Ms. Trager's appeal for unemploy­ment benefits because we did not want to invest the time and expense of fighting about this with her. The Judge's decision does not change that. So, while we have the option to appeal the decision, we do not plan to do so."


As Joan, noticeably fraying around the edges, herself said last month: "This is bullshit!"

With Ms. Trager hinting that she may yet sue the library for lost wages and benefits, no matter who prevails in the various actions, it's going to cost the taxpayers unnec­es­sary money... and they have Joan Levan to thank for that.

Unfortunately, those taxpayers have no direct recourse since the Board of WFL, chartered as an association library, is a "closed shop" where the members are not elected but brought on by the invitation of the current Board members.


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