All is again right...

Saturday, September 05, 2015

All is again right... my Saturday morning agoraphobic world with the return to cable TCM of the "Batman and Robin" serial.

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When last we left off July 25... wow!, talk about cliffhangers!... our caper crusader protagonist in saggy cotton tights and a cock-eyed cowl, was left unconscious due to a stunning jolt from some electricity-powered machine he'd been knocked into by a trio of bad guys in hats and suits.

But not to worry... after all, I'm no longer that ten-year-old kid sitting in the fifth row of the Emcee Theater in Mount Clemens, Michigan with a 10¢ bag of popcorn and every bit of disbelief willingly suspended... I knew that the good guys always survived!

(After all, didn't my Dad just come back from the first nine months of Korea? Proof positive for me!)

Yes, those old Columbia chapterplays were, in the unerring words of my niece Laura, "cheesy," but at that age I didn't care, and at my current stage in life, I also don't care... I'm catching up on long-wondered about resolutions to cliffhangers which too-often eluded me as an Army brat seemingly always on the move!

So thank you, TCM, for bringing back the cruelly interrupted serial... and a pox upon your Atlanta, Georgia house for interrupting the continuity of my Saturday morning viewing without so much as a title card announcing the resumption of the chapterplay Labor Day weekend!


1. Jackie Bennett said...

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you and all those you love. Please advise your beautiful wife that we have a box of hibiscus seeds for her, enough to surround your entire yard, according to the gentleman over here.

I'll pass it along... we wish our friends on the crick a safe and quiet remainder of Labor Day Weekend as well.

2. Jeanne Speir said...

Advise the brilliant and talented Bennetts that their message has been received, and I will pick up the lovely hibiscus seeds soon. Thank you!

I believe you'll find that the Misses from the crick has already delivered them.
– Dean

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