About as far from Westhampton Beach...

Thursday, September 03, 2015

About as far from Westhampton Beach...

...as one can get and still be in a part of the United States that's still attached to North America.

That's where my cousins who grew up next door to me on East Main Street, went for the wedding of their youngest niece, Laura Griffing, on Kodiak Island, August 15th.

Woodie, Rick, George, Steve and Charlie

left to right: brothers David ("Woodie"), Rick, father of the bride George, Steve and Charlie.


1. Jackie Bennett said...

It's great to see a picture of all of them. Thanks Dean. I have to send Willie's wife the link to this blog so she can show the picture to him.

We stayed with Steve down in Port Charlotte for several days in April, and I saw Woodie when he came down for Skip Boone's services earlier this Summer. Rick and his wife Jane should be down later this month.

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