Great, just freakin' great!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Great, just freakin' great!

Although I'm fairly confident that the Killorans of Rem­sen­burg are not members of Hampton Synagogue, they seem to have taken a page from Rabbi Marc Schneier's public relations playbook, availing themselves of any media outlet who'll listen to their long-on-emotional, short-on-rational-thinking, pitch about the plight of their special needs son's unsuccessful attempt to enter the Westhampton Beach School system today.

New York School Wants to Block Student With Down Syndrome on 1st Day

And these:

Long Island school blocks student with Down syndrome from attending

Down syndrome fight: Dad fights school district to gain access for his son

(Can WNBC be far behind? At least "Westhampton Beach" wasn't part of the headlines!)

For their part, the Westhampton Beach Board of Education has collectively explained its position, and as individuals wisely kept their mouths shut!

The irony here is that the lad's father, Christian Killoran, knows exactly the game he is playing since he, as pres­i­dent of Hunters For Deer, has been on the other side of rational/emotional debate in his hamlet of Remsenburg.

(See "Another 'sob sister' from Remsenburg....")

Historically, I've been on the other side of most issues involving the School Board going back to the late '60s when Jim Crandall was running things, but on this, there's is the wise and appropriate position.

There are some subjects without a middle ground... fore­most abortion and firearms... so rare is the mind which is "changed" in debate... this will be one of them.

And shame on the Killorans for bringing the New York media into this... they don't care about 12-year-old Aiden... their sole interest is "controversy."

O, and yes, this being the final week of Summer, a last opportunity to show their "have-not" viewers some footage of The Hamptons.


1. RemMom said...

Are you seriously trying to equate a Down Syndrome child with a deer? You're a sick puppy.

Thank you, dear lady, for making my point so clearly!

The "equating" is solely the mindset, the irrational (strictly emotional) vs. the rational (dispassionate thought).
– Dean

2. Kathleen Killoran said...

Ignorant and zero compassion for human decency. He is entitled to just treatment and Equality.

(The Commenter is a cousin of Christian Killoran, father of Aiden.)
Shouldn't that start with his family not making him a media spectacle? Where is the human decency in that?
– Dean

3. MDP said...

We are all Gods{sic} children, Love one another, care for one another & pray for one another! Shame on you for not taking the position to help those who are unable to help themselves. Christian is one of the most caring, loving and honorable men I know, he exudes honor, integrity and respect in all that he is in life. I am proud to call him my friend. Words without action will not help Aiden to 7th grade! Aiden for president!

We will fight the good fight for you Aiden.

I repeat, Shame on the Killorans for using their son in this dispicable manner!

"Aiden for president?" Now there's a rational response!

As for Christian Killoran "exud(ing) honor, integrity and respect," how 'bout some competency for a change! I question his credentials as an attorney if he has so little faith in his ability to work within the legal system... and marching around with some deluded neighbors carrying slogans on signs isn't it!
– Dean

4. Sherriann Barecchio said...

Clearly you have a false sense of superiority or do not have children. If you were a parent perhaps you would understand wanting your the bet{sic} for your kids. If you are a parent than shame on you and your failed attempt to demean a Father{sic} who actually cares for his children. Since I read your rant on the Killoran Family all I hear you saying is that your{sic} Jealous{sic} of the recent media attention. So do us all a favor and spend a little time in front of a mirror and reflect on the lack or morality and Compassion{sic} you are spewing. Christian Killoran is a kind compassionate person who helps others your{sic} just trying to boost your ego.

Another Aiden supporter who checked her rationality (and civility) at the door while missing the point completely.

Next time you wish to post such a Comment here, please provide your head-shrinking credentials. Unfortunately, you come across like an overweight bleached blonde hausfrau who spends all day watching Channel 11. (See, I can go the ad hominem route as well.)

[The writer advises "Christian Killoran is my Customer and our Attorney."]

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