This isn't good!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

This isn't good!

From yesterday afternoon's Riverhead News-Review site:

Cops: Driver ran over curb, found unconscious

From the Riverhead Town Police report of the arrest:

"A Westhampton man allegedly high on drugs was found unconscious with his vehicle in drive in Wading River....

The driver, 36-year-old Eric A. Sweet, was unconscious and the vehicle was safely placed in park.

Police charged Mr. Sweet with driving while ability im­pair­ed by drugs, two counts of criminal possession of a con­trolled substance and possession of a hypodermic instrument."

Mr. Sweet is a former Village Beach Manager, and at the time of his arrest was still on the books as a a $15/hour Lifeguard since this past May.

According to a source at Six Corners, the Village beaches being closed this week is an issue of staffing due to stud­ents and teachers returning to school, and is unrelated to this police incident.


1. Scarlett said...

Yeah, certainly "this isn't good" for Eric Sweet! But you usually don't scavenge Police Blotters for news items unless there's "Village-wide" relevance. Did this guy piss you off somewhere along the line? What's the overall Westhampton Beach angle?

Fair enough.
  1. He's employed as a Lifeguard at Village Beaches.
  2. [Erratum]: Random drug and alcohol-testing of Lifeguards was discontinued by this Administration before Sweet returned to work at the beaches.
  3. Sweet was one of those on-duty during the event which cost Jordan Boris his life one month ago.
Inferences will doubtless be made as more of this story emerges.
– Dean

2. Beachgal11978 said...

How are all of the other beaches (Town, County, Villages and beach clubs) operating fully staffed? Sounds like poor planning on someone's part.

  1. I don't know that they are.
  2. If that is in fact the case, then it sounds like poor planning to me as well.
– Dean

3. Beachgal11978 said...

After an inquiry to the Town, yes they are open through Labor Day with lifeguards, and Cupsogue Beach appears to be as well.

I would expect as much. Thanks for following up.

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