What do they know…

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What do they know…

...and more importantly, how do they know it?

Today's Southampton Press Western Edition, a page A5 story bylined "Jessica DiNapoli," con­tains the alarming information:

"...Victor Levy, a former member of the West­hamp­ton Beach Planning Board..."

Happily, for most Village resident's purposes at least, a subsequent paragraph includes:

"...Mr. Levy, a member of the Village Planning Board."

The most logical explanation is bad reporting and even worse editing... it's not like they were on a tight deadline as the Village Trustees meeting was a week ago tonight... but my initial reaction before I went on to the more accurate paragraph, was did reporter DiNapoli have some inside information, and who would she have been talking to?

Chairman Ralph Neubauer, channeling Christopher Lloyd as 'Uncle Fester' of the Addams Family

The name Ralph Neubauer, whose recent rise in Village Government can be only be deemed as tawdry as it is meteoric, immediately suggested itself.

Mr. Neubauer, who has been hard at work not-so-discreetly behind-the-scenes as the current Village admin­is­tration's butt boy, is a big fan of the fur­tive note and "deep background" resource... as long as it isn't attributable to him. (Last year he was busy trying to start rumors about an improper relationship between former Deputy Mayor Tim Laube and Southampton Press reporter Caroline Simson in a fatuous effort to have the newspaper lighten their highly critical coverage of Mayor Conrad Teller and Trustees Toni Jo Birk, Joan Levan and Deputy Mayor James Kametler.)

Memo to Mr. Neubauer: You might con­sider retaking your "official photo" so you look less like Christo­pher Lloyd as "Uncle Fester" of The Addams Family.

In the current analysis, for the next 12 weeks at least, Mr. Levy is still a member of the Westhampton Beach Planning Board of which Mr. Neubauer is the somewhat unstable Chair, and there will doubtless be a corrective note in the next Southampton Press Western Edition.


1. Clamqueen said...

You crack me up! I just saw The Adams Family movie last night. I think I might have to agree with you.

2. Victor Levy said...

Spoke to Frank Costanza this morning and explained that the reports of my being a 'former' Planning Board member were premature. I also explained that the story was 180 degrees off as to my remarks about volunteers not being included in the preferred list of affordable housing lottery entrants. I said the opposite, that volunteers should move ahead on the list, but that PAID community service worker (teachers, police etc) should not be put ahead of any other profession, especially considering their generous benifits and salaries. Frank indicated he may have edited the story and changed the meaning in doing so.

I suspect that Editor Costanza is being uncommonly gallant… but that's all right, because on this side of the Canal, it all stops with him.

3. Tim Laube said...

Now Dean, what would be improper about any relationship I have (as a non-elected official) with anyone? As long as I am not doing it Spitzer-style. Speaking of paying for services… what does concern me about our current Village Board are the actions of Trustees voting on Special Exception Permits for people who have also made LARGE campaign donations to those voting on said permits. It PAYS to be on this Board! And great separated at birth photos although Christopher Lloyd may take offense.

Tim, don't you know that the mere act of "sitting with" someone that certain members of the current Administration fear (or just dislike), is a major offense. At that point, in a rare display of journalism, reporter Simson and Editor Costanza were shining glaring beams into the darker corners of the Teller-Levan-Birk-Kametler regime, and that exposure caused them great angst. Ms. Simson had to be discredited, so the Administration's "butt-boy" was dispatched to try to sully her professional reputation.

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